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Day 4

This year’s conference was just great. I want to thank all of the people at Nova for being so understanding and accommodating (especially to me and all of my weird requests). I am looking forward to next year’s conference in … Continue reading

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I hate Captchas

To comment on this blog, you need to complete a Captcha. This one requires you to type in a sequence of numbers, something I’m invaribly going to get wrong more often than not. I wonder if, instead, we could use … Continue reading

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Day 3

Pithiness and links to come later. The darn program ate my last post!You can find my comments from yesterday at all these locations: Keynote: Professor James Boyle, Center for Study of the Public Domain, Got Gamers? Law Students and Videogaming, … Continue reading

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Day 1

Only a short post today. Instead of writing a lenghtly blog entry, I decided to comment on each of the sessions I attended. I”ll continue to comment tomorrow, but with a longer entry, too! (Translation: it’s late. I’m tired!)Sessions attended:Plenary,Knowledge … Continue reading

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Back in the Sun

So we’re all here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, which I’m only now just figuring out is part of this whole Miami-Palm Beach continuum despite having a grandmother who lived in Palm Beach for some 25 years or so. Sometimes geography … Continue reading

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