Day 4

This year’s conference was just great. I want to thank all of the people at Nova for being so understanding and accommodating (especially to me and all of my weird requests). I am looking forward to next year’s conference in Vegas.

Thanks to CALI conferences, I have a pretty good idea of what a technological classroom looks like, and even some idea of how it might evolve over the next few years. But I came away from this conference wondering what a technological library will look like say, 5 years from now. Will we still have a library? (I’m pretty sure we will.) Will we have electronic resources librarians or their titular equivalents? (Some suggest maybe not.)In the technological academic law library of the future, what will the OPAC look like? Will it still be a challenge for non-librarians to use or will it become the main portal for library resources? Perhaps it will become our overall content management system.

How much space will we have? Must our libraries continue to forfeit our shelf space? And how will our space be used? Will student study space be moved outside the library, leaving our space for collections and those researchers using our print collection?

As many answers and good ideas that I picked up from this conference, I seem to have come away with many more questions, too!

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