Back in the Sun

So we’re all here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, which I’m only now just figuring out is part of this whole Miami-Palm Beach continuum despite having a grandmother who lived in Palm Beach for some 25 years or so. Sometimes geography is challenging.I’m excited about this year’s conference because of the many sessions about classroom technology (which I hope aren’t all at the same time). It’s also nice to get to see everyone again. Tonight I met up with 8 other attendees and went to Mangos. Dinner was a lot of fun, but I’m still suffering from baby-induced sleep deprivation so I didn’t participate as much in some of wonderful conversations as I might have (topics ranged from the future of print in libraries to how on earth does Jack Bauer make it through so many days without ever going to the bathroom). I was, however, able to tell everyone the fascinating story of how I gave birth, a story without which no meal is complete.Speaking of giving birth, if you stop by and ask nicely, I’ll show you my new baby and how I’ve already bruised it a bit. Also pictures of my other new baby which reside on it. Did you know that when you buy a MacBook Pro from the Apple store, they congratulate you? Considering how much I just spent, I would also like a card and flowers.I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow to head to the conference, where I’ll blog the various sessions I attend and whatever else I feel like. And those future entries might use that great Internet technology called “links” so my entries will look less like a Live Journal post and more like a real blog.See you tomorrow!

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