Podcasting Law School Courses: The Classcaster Experiment

Audience: Faculty
Technical Level: Low

This presentation will include several speakers who participated in CALI’s Legal Education Podcasting Project this past spring. Some of the faculty recorded their class lectures and others created weekly summaries for their students.

One of the things that will be explored is the connection between podcasts, and more active learning experiences. We will also pose questions, and have a discussion about the following topics:

What are the benefits of the in the classroom, live lecture or discussion, class expereince for our students, and are we gradually disaggregating the law school teaching system by providing other ways to learn and experience law school classes.

Is this the wave of the future?

Is the live class soon to be an anachronism?

Are there other benefits for live classroom interaction in professional schools, in which students are taught the professional norms, culture, vocabulary and values of their area of professional study, and have the opportunity to interect with and learn from fellow students.

Could some or all of these goals of benefits of graduate and professional education by provided through online learning, or various substitutes for a live class.

MP3: CohenLR2Th1030.mp3

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Debra R. Cohen
Associate Professor of Law
Southern New England School of Law

Andrea L. Johnson
Professor of Law
California Western School of Law

Gregory Lee Ogden
Profesor of law
Pepperdine University School of Law

In addition to the recording from this session that will be posted soon, there are also recorded interviews with other law faculty who participated in the Legal Education Podcasting Project at http://caliopolis.classcaster.org. Choose the "podcast" category to see all of the interviews.

About Elmer Masters

Elmer R. Masters is the Director of Technology at the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction (www.cali.org) where he works on interesting projects involving technology and legal education like eLangdell, Classcaster, Lawbooks, QuizWright, and the CALI website. He has nearly 25 years of experience building tech tools for legal education and systems for accessing law and legal materials on the Internet. He is the admin of the Teknoids mailing list (www.teknoids.net) and has been blogging about legal education, law, and technology for over 15 years (www.symphora.com). He has a JD from Syracuse University College of Law and was employed by Syracuse, Cornell Law School, and Emory University School of Law before joining CALI in 2003. Elmer has presented at the CALI Conference for Law School Computing (where he organizes the program), the AALL and AALS Annual Meetings, Law Via The Internet, and other conferences, symposia, and workshops on topics ranging from IT management in law schools to building open access court reporting systems to information architecture design and implementation in law.
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