Presenter Email

Howdy folks. As John mentioned in his email last week, I am writing
about the official 2006 Conference for Law School Computing blog.
Please bear with me a bit as this message is going to be bit lengthy,
but packed full of useful information.

1: The conference blog is on Classcaster at This blog will serve as the official
archive for the 2006 conference. Each conference session has an article
on the blog, dated the day the presentation is to be given. The
articles use the session description information that was in the CALI
database as of Friday, June 2, 2006. Comments are enabled (with
security to discourage spam) for each post to allow the community to
provide feedback on sessions.

2: I have created an account for each of you that will allow you to edit
your session posting on the blog and upload any files to link to your
presentation. To login to the blog to edit your session post and upload
files, please use the following steps:

— In a browser, open
— Click on the ‘Dashboard’ link that appears on the upper right of the
— This opens a login page. Your username is your firstname and your
lastname run together like this ‘ElmerMasters’. Your password is the
same as your CALI password. Note that there is a 15 character limit on
the username, so if you have long name use your firstname and as many
characters of your lastname as it takes to reach 15. If you are already
a Classcaster user, use those credentials to login. Enter the info and
click ‘Administer your blog’.
— This opens the Classcaster dashboard. Next to ‘Administer your blog’
click on ‘CALICon06’ to enter the blog’s admin area. If you are already
a Classcaster blogger, make sure you select CALICon06 to administer.
— This opens the ‘New Post’ form. From here click on the ‘Posts’ tab
to go to the list of blog posts.
— To find your session(s), enter your name into the ‘Search terms’ box
and click on ‘Show’. This should list your sessions. Click on the
session title to edit the session description. Please note that this
does not alter anything that is on the agenda page of the CALI
Conference website, only this blog.
— To upload files to the blog and attach them to the session post,
please follow the directions for uploading files in the Classcaster FAQ
at Please place your files
into the folder for the day you are presenting. In the description
include your name and the session title.

3: We will add MP3 recordings and links to any video archive of the
sessions to the blog after the conference.

4: If you have any questions, problems, concerns, etc. just let me know.

Thanks and I’ll see everyone next week:)

About Elmer Masters

Elmer R. Masters is the Director of Technology at the Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction ( where he works on interesting projects involving technology and legal education like eLangdell, Classcaster, Lawbooks, QuizWright, and the CALI website. He has over 30 years of experience building tech tools for legal education and systems for accessing law and legal materials on the Internet. He is the admin of the Teknoids mailing list ( and has been blogging about legal education, law, and technology for over 20 years ( He has a JD from Syracuse University College of Law and was employed by Syracuse, Cornell Law School, and Emory University School of Law before joining CALI in 2003. Elmer has presented at the CALI Conference for Law School Computing (where he organizes the program), the AALL and AALS Annual Meetings, Law Via The Internet, and other conferences, symposia, and workshops on topics ranging from IT management in law schools to building open access court reporting systems to information architecture design and implementation in law.
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