‘Piping hot content’ from your library via CALI ClassCaster IntraBlogs

Audience: All
Technical Level: Samsonites

Using RSS feeds to distribute news, files, podcasts, and videocasts is one of the hottest new ways law school libraries can capitalize on the CALI Classcaster for promoting their resources and services.

Informing legal researchers/patrons in real-time about premium level content and indispensable legal information that can be found and is readily available in your library is quite easy once you start using one of the newest services provided by CALI to all its members: the ClassCaster server.

Faculty, librarians and staff at all CALI law school members can now open accounts on the CALI ClassCaster and create real-time distribution channels for ‘piping hot content� from their units.

This session will present WSU Arthur Neef Law Library’s approach to ‘piping hot content’ to its law faculty, law students, law library and law school staff via several ClassCaster blogs and �IntraBlogs� (ClassCaster blogs providing feeds to law library and law school Intranets)

This session will also present the collaboration between a law librarian and a law school faculty in producing weekly summary podcasts for the �Legal Education Podcasting Project (LEPP)�. A step-by-step overview of the hardware, software and ClassCaster account set-up will end the session.

MP3: SamsonLR5Sat900.mp3

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Michael Samson
Law Librarian
Wayne State University Law School

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