Cool Tools

Technical Level:

Washington College of Law has developed or implemented some cool tools to meet various needs of our users. Korin Munsterman and Greta Dawson will show the tools they use for: surveying users, off-loading website content updates to the administrative offices, offering a means for committees to share documents and information, providing users with tips and tools, how to guard against viruses and spam, updating faculty webpages, RSS feeds and blogs, creating custom podcasts, promoting the work of the SBA, providing outline databases for students and Westlaw webinars, and more.

We invite other schools to join us to show off the tools they use. People should contact Greta Dawson at or Korin Munsterman at if they would like to participate.

Greta A Dawson
Asst Director of Technology/Network Services Mgr
American University Washington College of Law

Korin Munsterman
Director, Clinical Technology and Information Syst
American University Washington College of Law

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