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As an incoming 1L, Neil Wehneman had a simple (and some would say naive) goal: capture as much legal knowledge as he could, and make it freely available to as many people as possible, both as to cost and copyright. The Life of a Law Student podcast was born.

Life of a Law Student relies on Fair Use to assimilate into audio the public domain caselaw along with knowledge gained from textbooks, professors, hornbooks, and other sources. Since that first day of class, Life of a Law Student has been listened to by thousands of current and incoming law students across the country, run into friction from some existing law professors, and been featured in the New York Times. The podcast is currently focused on bringing on additional students in order to "franchise" the idea across law school campuses and across the world.

This session will focus on the policies and goals of Life of a Law Student, the Fair Use argument underlying the methodology, and how this type of podcast fits into a holistic legal education experience.

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Neil Wehneman
University of Cincinnati College of Law

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