Cost Effective Videoconference and Web Collaboration Service in an Integrated Solution

Audience: All
Technical Level: Low

Demonstrating a Cost Effective Global Service for delivering high quality distance learning that replicates all of the dynamics present in live face-to-face meeting or classroom over the public Internet. Law Schools can now provide fully interactive Classes, Seminars, CLE to students and Attorneys anywhere in the world.

The Vemics LiveAccessâ„¢ Solution combines the best features of videoconference and web collaboration services into a single, simple to use integrated product. Participants can connect with a PC or Laptop running Windows XP, from any high speed Internet service such as cable modem, DSL, WiFi, and Corporate Broadband.

An affordable archive and web retrieval service allows Law Schools to record sessions (classes, seminars, mock trial, virtual guest lecturers, more) and to provide a valuable service that can also generate incremental revenue. Access to this web service is password protected and can add value to the law school’s content library.

The Cannon Financial Institute won the prestigious LOLA Award for best online synchronous video-based training course at Online Training 2005 using the Vemics LiveAccessâ„¢ Solution.

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Robert Millar
Vice President, Business Development

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